COVID-19 Policies

What your group can expect from us:

  1. We will be continuously working with the local County Health Department and our State Licensing agent to always be up to date on the most recent CDC rules and guidelines.
  2. Signage will be posted around Camp to remind everyone to follow the rules listed below.
    1. Signage will be posted in cabins to show how participants should be oriented in order to have 6 feet of distance between heads when sleeping in bunks
  3. PPE
    1. When physical distancing is not possible or sensible, our staff will don appropriate face coverings, and always when in indoor spaces.
    2. Our staff will be wearing face coverings and gloves when serving food and cleaning/disinfecting.
  4. Cleaning/Disinfecting
    1. Bathrooms and common spaces will be disinfected twice daily.
    2. Cabins will be fully cleaned and disinfected between groups.
    3. Handwashing stations will be provided outside the dining hall (Great House) in the fall and spring. In the winter, indoor bathrooms are available for handwashing.
    4. Hand sanitizer will be provided outside each cabin, in the meal line, and other thoughtfully strategic gathering locations.
  5. Busing
    1. Busses will be operating at 50% capacity, which is 32 per bus.
    2. All bus drivers will be wearing a face covering.
    3. Buses will be disinfected between groups.
  6. Dining Hall
    1. Counters and surfaces will be disinfected on the buffet line between schools as they come into eat (we can also disinfect between cohorts if requested).
    2. Tables, benches, and chairs will be disinfected between groups.
  7. It has always been the policy of this organization to work openly with the Local County Health Department and report any contagious disease identified on Camp.

Our recommendations for your group:

  1. Cohorts/Cabins
    1. Depending on the size of your group, we recommend you divide into smaller Cohorts for the duration of your stay at camp.
    2. Physical distance of 6 feet between cohorts is recommended and will be accommodated.
    3. We recommend 6 feet of distance between heads when sleeping in bunks.
  2. Screening
    1. We recommend Pre-Screening prior to arrival that asks staff, parents, and campers about their general health and activities prior to arriving at Camp.
    2. Arrival Day Screening (before transporting them to Camp) that will again ask about their sense of health, with specific questions about symptoms of and interactions with those that have tested positive for COVID-19. Temperature checks are recommended.
    3. Daily Screening that would again ask about their sense of health every day that your group is at camp. Temperature checks are recommended.
  3. Handwashing
    1. We ask that you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after entering the Great House, Leelanau Lodge, busses, or any other common area.
  4. PPE
    1. We ask that everyone in your group wear a face covering when physical distancing is not possible or sensible, or when you’re inside a public space.