Spring LOC: Westwoods“The benefits of attending programs at LOC are countless. Students develop their character, their appreciation for other, their appreciation for activity and for the environment. They learn many things related to science and they are responded to with respect and compassion. This builds self-esteem.” (LOC teacher)

“The students really grow as people. They gain self confidence, respect for others, and in a sense leave LOC better people than when they arrived.” (LOC teacher)


“The program is directed and facilitated in a highly professional manner. The staff is skilled at working with kids of all ages and takes advantage of the environment to teach them to challenge themselves without becoming frustrated.”

“The variety of activities was more than adequate and I applaud the fact that your major themes (hard work, consideration, and fun) were integrated into each lesson.”

“The program is a great blend of fun, educational, and recreational activities. The kids were never bored.”

“The program content allowed all participants to strive to meet new goals and challenges.”

“The kids learned and didn’t even know they were learning.”


“The STAFF! What fabulous people! Your wisdom, enthusiasm, kindness, and patience were truly an inspiration!”
“All counselors seem to have great knowledge of outdoors. Couldn’t ask for more patient individuals to deal with all our children.”

“Well organized and expertly led by great directors and assistants.”

“Thank you for exemplifying the goals that you teach.”


“The all-around atmosphere of the place was great – rustic enough to be ‘campy’ but with enough conveniences to be comfortable.”

“Sleeping quarters – more than adequate for a camp experience. . . it was most comfortable. The Great House Lodge – what a great place for meals and fellowship. Property – what a great piece of property! Everything we could ask for in a camp experience was at our disposal.”


“The facility is rustically charming and is placed within the arms of Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, one of the most pristine, inviting, and magical places on earth. The natural beauty of the area invites you outdoors to witness the seasons through the eyes of Lake Michigan.”

Highlights of your stay. . .

“Enjoyed seeing students who normally take a ‘back seat’ to others in the classroom come out of their ‘shell’ and display some leadership characteristics of their own.”

“I enjoyed watching the kids exceed beyond what they thought was possible for them.”

“Making the kids aware of the great resources and natural beauty in their own backyard.”

“The ropes course was a wonderful activity involving skill and courage for all involved. Many people moved from their comfort zone and brought themselves to a new level. Very rewarding activity!”

“Watching kids, who normally lack confidence, struggle, and succeed.”

“It’s refreshing to see our students through the eyes of others. They each have their own unique qualities which are often overlooked when seen daily.”