LOC offers unique opportunities perfectly suited for all needs

Outdoor Education

This is the program runs in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We love welcoming students, teachers, and parent chaperones to our beautiful, lakefront property to enjoy all that LOC has to offer.

Sports Camp

Every August, we offer three weeks where student athletes, coaches, and parent chaperones can come and use our stunning facilities to practice and for team bonding.

LOC Classroom – New!

This is a brand new program we’re offering for the COVID era. Students can come to LOC to do their online learning for the day, as well as participate in fun camp activities when they’re doing classwork.

LOC Mobile

Let LOC come to your school! A wonderful way to introduce students to LOC before attending a LOC program on property or for a follow up session after attending LOC.

LOC Corporate

LOC isn’t just for kids, bring your organization to LOC for a productive and fun weekend retreat!