Outdoor Education

Bring your students to LOC for an unforgettable experience!


The program acts as a dynamic springboard, setting the tone for the school year with an emphasis on consideration for others, teamwork, and doing one’s best. Enjoy our rustic cabins on bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan, healthy meals in our Great House, and a great mix of character education and hands on science activities including: Ropes Course, Team Building, Climbing Wall, Canoeing , Dune Ecology, Zipline and much more!


Enjoy rustic heated bunk houses next to the Great House, healthy meals, and a great mix of character education and hands on science activities appropriate for the season, including: Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Shelter Building, “To Build a Fire”, Team Building and much more! The vast natural setting offers opportunities for seeing animal tracks, including deer, fox, coyote, porcupine, wild turkey, and more. Warm fires and hot chocolate are available throughout the day in the “Great House” lodge.


The wildflowers, forest, ponds, and streams all come alive, providing a rich learning environment. Groups typically come for three or four day programs from April through early June. Fall asleep to the sound of Lake Michigan in cabins on the bluffs and enjoy the blooming trillium and lilacs, and beautiful sunset night hikes.

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Pricing Information

1 Day Program $45 per student

Includes lunch and a full day of activities appropriate for the season and grade level. A great way to get a taste for our program before experiencing an overnight program.

2 Day Program $80 per student (includes 4 meals, activities, and lodging)

A great way to allow students to experience an overnight program while taking them out of school for a short time and low cost.

 3 Day Program $157 per student (includes 7 meals, activities, and lodging).

Dive into a three day program at LOC, experience many activities, add on an evening with Story Be Told or the Pat and Norm show, and much more.

4 Day Program $187 per student (includes 10 meals, activities, and lodging)

Students participate in all activities. A four day program allows staff to work on high level character development and students leave having learned tons about themselves, their classmates, and their surroundings.

5 Day Program $234 per student (includes 13 meals, activities, and lodging)

Our five day program is a full school week of LOC activities, group bonding, self discovery, and fun! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Adult Pricing

If the group is under 25 total participants, the adult pricing is the same as student pricing. If the group is over 25, then for every 8 students, 1 adult is free and all other adults are half the student price.

Add on fees include (prices are per student):

$15 ropes course (6th grade and up)

$3 Zipline

$5 evening program fee per night up to two nights. If your group stays more than two nights, there is no additional evening program charge after the initial charge. See what evening programs we offer here.

 To view examples of programs click below:

1 Day Program Schedule

2 Day Program Schedule 

3 Day Program Schedule     3 Day Activity Rotation

4 Day Program Schedule     4 Day Activity Rotation